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Kitchen Renovations Barden Ridge

Here at Cummins Joinery we strive to know everything we can about kitchen design and renovations. That’s so we can pass on our knowledge to our valued customer base. It doesn’t matter how big or small the project, when it comes to kitchen renovation, Barden Ridge homeowners trust our dedicated team to make their home stand out.

With over half a century of professional kitchen installations under our belt, you can be sure our staff will be able to get the best out of your ailing kitchen. Whether it’s in the small corner of a studio apartment or the main thoroughfare of the family home, we know that your kitchen needs to be functional and attractive.

We are fully insured, meaning that we can assist in every aspect of the project, from sourcing materials to fully co-ordinating the job. Need a wall taken down to fit your stunning new kitchen counter? No problem, our team can get it done. Our comprehensive service is what sets us apart from other joinery companies in Barden Ridge.

With a clear eye for design, our custom joinery will catapult any run-down kitchen into a modern masterpiece.

Laundry & Bathroom Renovations and Custom Joinery in Barden Ridge

Banged-up bathrooms and lacklustre laundries are not only unappealing, they can be a nightmare in terms of functionality. It can feel like the space somehow shrinks every time you try and rearrange it or add something new.

Our team at Cummins Joinery can help to stop the walls closing in on your bathroom or laundry. We’ve been manufacturing quality bathroom storage for decades, with plenty of happy homeowners right across Barden Ridge and Sydney. We work with you to design cabinets that make the most out of the room, while they can also be easily repurposed in the event of any future design or aesthetic changes.

If you’re still unsure of where to start your bathroom, laundry or kitchen renovation in Barden Ridge, then visit our showroom or call us on 02 9533 1066.


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