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Kitchen Renovations Bangor

At Cummins Joinery we understand that the kitchen is the centre of the home, and often busiest room in the house. It needs to be able to hold up to a lot while be easily manageable and adaptable for transitions into different uses.

All too often it is simply used for its bare functionality and feels out of step with the rest of the home’s aesthetics. Our team have years of experience when it comes to kitchen renovations and kitchen designs. They will be able to assist the most seasoned renovator to the newest home improvement go getter and help to manufacture the kitchen of your dreams.

Cummins Joinery not only installs kitchens, we help you invest in a more suitable and stylish home. Our Peakhurst showroom has dozens of design option for you to choose from. You’ll walk out with a smile on your face and the knowledge that you’ve found the perfect look for your newest project. Make Cummins Joinery your one-stop shop for all your kitchen renovations in Bangor.

Laundry & Bathroom Renovations and Custom Joinery in Bangor

Is your bathroom looking less than its best? At Cummins Joinery we’re here to help bring your tired old bathroom up to scratch.

Across our more than 50 years of experience, we’ve come to realise that people often don’t know they’re bathroom could do with a touch up. Instead they’ve become used to such a low standard of product that they don’t expect any different. At Cummins Joinery we believe we can show you the light when it comes to bathroom renovations. Bangor residents can drop by our contemporary showroom where we stock first-rate renovation and joining products, tools and materials.

Comprehensive insurance allows us to co-ordinate all aspects of your upcoming bathroom demo or reno. We source the best materials that will work with your bathroom and your budget. No matter what the project needs, we’ve got you covered.

If you think your bathroom could do a little better for itself, then call us on 02 9533 1066.

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